KIA(Koshigaya International Association)

My Experiences in JAPAN

The 33rd Campbelltown Youth Delegation

Heyley Boothe (15) Campbelltown Performing Arts High School

12 days ago I was boarding a plane with 14 other beautiful people from Campbelltown and two very kind leaders. At first I had a stomach full of butterflies and worries, but as soon as I stepped off that plane, it all vanished and I was living nothing but a dream.

The leaders are incredible and kind taking us place after place to visit some beautiful parts of Japan and its culture. My favorite place being the hotel for the overnight stay. There I was able to immerse myself in Japanese traditions such as bathing in an onsen and sleeping on a futon in a tatami room. It was amazing!

My host family were also amazing. I have learnt so much from them and will miss them so much. My favorite memory that I will cherish forever with them was sitting at the dinner table and teaching them Aussie slang while they taught me lots of different helpful Japanese phrases.

By coming to Koshigaya in Japan, I have learnt so many new things and have a great appreciation for Japanese culture and now wish to study their language full time so I can come back and visit all the beautiful people I have met.

Heyley Boothe (15)

Jennifer Phong (16) Cecil Hills High School

Going to Japan has definitely been one of the best experiences of my life. It allowed me to test my courage and try new things.

This experience has increased my confidence and my communication skills as I have been challenged to meet new people and communicate with them despite the language barrier. Furthermore, it has allowed me to discover the many trails and abilities that I never knew I had. Most importantly, I have gained meaningful relationships with my host family, fellow delegation members, and leaders that I will cherish forever. Coming to Japan has given me a whole new perspective on the world which allows me to become a socially and culturally literate person.

My host family has been the major influence on my perspective of Japanese culture. They have always been accommodating and welcoming since the beginning. Simple things like playing games, cooking dinner, going to the supermarket, and helping with the chores are memories that I will forever cherish. One of my favorite memories would have to be eating dinner with the extended family. They were very welcoming and were very interested in Australian culture and therefore asked me a lot of questions. This allowed me form bonds with the extended family.

My favorite memory of the overall trip would definitely be visiting Fuji Junior High School. There, I felt so welcome and had so much fun participating in cultural activities such as calligraphy, tea ceremony, and sports.

Finally, the day leaders throughout the whole trip were always helpful and always smiling. We were able to talk to them about the Japanese culture, and I was always enlightened. One of the leaders Watanabe-san had continuously made the effort to ensure that everyone had a good time.

In summary, this trip will be an unforgettable experience that I will keep forever and share with others.

The 31th Campbelltown Youth Delegation Report

Benny Zhang (16) Macquarie Fields High School

Japan, a place which I only considered as a faraway dream, now an experience which encapsulated a moment where reality is better than the dream itself. I am Benny Zhang of the 32nd youth delegation from Australia, a lucky individual who was given the chance to visit Koshigaya. Here I was provided with the honor to witness Japan’s beauty, its mesmerizing cityscapes, sunrises and sunsets. It’s people who spoke softly and politely, as well as it’s ancient and oriental culture, all with my own eyes.

My host family, the Tanaka family has provided me with such warmth and care, the memories which I would never forget. Only with the help of everyone, I was able to clarify my curiosities for Japan, which I once was only able to imagine through the computer screen. My personal favorite aspect of this visit is being able to finally utilize the Japanese language with the people of Japan, as well as my host family. I am glad that everything which I’ve learned up to how at school and at home has finally been put to use. While all good things have an end, I am sure I will visit this unforgettable land again. To relive this life of Japanese food, scenery, community and culture.

Benny Zhang (16)

Madeline Lowe (17) Macquarie Fields High School

My stay in Japan has been an amazing experience. It has been an awesome way to see another culture firsthand. I loved visiting the different schools. It was a spectacular insight into our culture’s differences and similarities. I loved the cultural experiences of Ikebana and Tea ceremony. I especially loved the fan decorating. It was so interesting to combine my own interest in art with an aspect of Japanese culture. Staying with my host family was also amazing. I got to see a part of Japanese daily life, while also being welcomed into a loving family. My host mum introduced me to quite a few new foods during breakfast & dinner, I loved going to a festival, and also playing games with them. My host parents, Tomoko and Shigeru are so kind and loving, and my host sister, Hanna, has become like a real sister to me. I love my host family, and I love the experiences I’ve had. Being in a new culture has given me a fresh perspective on my own lifestyle. I have a new found appreciation for somethings, while also shown me aspects I could improve. This trip has made me love Japan even more, and I can’t wait to return.

Madeline Lowe (17)

The 30th Campbelltown Youth Delegation Report

The 30th Campbelltown Youth Delegation

Tahlia McKee (16) St. Patricks College Campbelltown

As I sit in my room for nearly the last night, it hits me just how much I don’t want to leave Japan. I have completely immersed myself into not only their culture, but their language, food and lifestyle. Thanks to this, my eyes have been opened and I have enjoyed my stay tenfold.

However, although I have enjoyed my stay, it pains me to leave my host family – whom I now consider a part of my actual family. Their love, openness, hospitality and kindness has overwhelmed me and truly touched my heart. I can openly say that they have enriched and made my stay all the more enjoyable.

Altogether, my trip has been extremely eventful and filled with new and exciting experiences – all of which I cannot express in words. This exchange programme truly shows off the best of Japan – from the families, to the temples / shrines, zoos and shopping experiences.

I feel that I have learnt more about Japan’s rich culture, language and lifestyle whilst at the same time, having an amazing time. I honestly feel that even though I’ve learnt a lot, Japan has more to offer, more to give to those whom are interested.

Catherine Samuela (16) St. Patricks College

My experience in Koshigaya Japan has been an amazing and great opportunity for a young student such as myself. It was truly an honor to be able to represent Campbelltown, Australia here in Japan.

What I have gained from this experience in Koshigaya Japan is a deeper understanding of the connection between the two cities and how we have learnt to form a strong bond. Another great experience was to visit the Junior High School and get to see what they learn and their school life. But the biggest experience that I have gained was being able to immerse myself in the Japanese Culture, life style, food and daily life.

The day leaders were amazing and I am truly thankful for them to take time out and help us throughout our trip. A very big thank you to them because of them our delegation was able to learn more, do more, become more, dream more and to inspire us, as a delegation, to really connect with the Japanese culture.

The BIGGEST THANK YOU to my host family for taking me in for two weeks. Words are not enough to express my gratitude towards them for everything they have done. I had the best time with my host dad and mum. Created great memories with my host siblings and I will remember them forever.

I will never forget this experience and will treasure it forever. I hope Campbelltown and Koshigaya continue this strong bond.

Ellisa Dillera (18) University of Western Sydney

The overall trip to Japan was truly inspiring, and memorable experience I will never forget. This has been such a positive experience for me as I tried to fully immerse myself into the Japanese culture.

From this experience I have learnt many new things. But an experience that stuck out was the visit to Higashi Junior High School. I have learnt how a tea ceremony works and its significance. But also how their classes work and how they have their lunch.

But in general, I have grown a much larger appreciation for the Japanese culture and language as my papa said I’m picking it up quite well.

Furthermore, my favorite memory would be waking up to snow and basically running into the living room yelling out “snow!” and pointing to the window. My little sister Mimi and I went out to the balcony to build a snowman and have a snowball fight, whilst mama and baby Ami watched inside because it was too cold for them.

My host family is honestly the best. They took me with open arms and treated me as if I were their own. Although a prominent language barrier, we powered through and have both become better at speaking each other’s languages.

Thank you to all the day leaders for accompanying and guiding us through the busy streets (and trains) in Japan. Not only that, thank you for translating everything into English so we could understand. But also thank you to the bus driver for delivering us to every destination in one piece and putting up with our loud chats and singing.

I will never forget this experience, and so very thankful. I hope Campbelltown and Koshigaya continue this strong bond as it is a wonderful opportunity. I hope to be back very soon!

The 29th Campbelltown Youth Delegation Report

The 29th Campbelltown Youth Delegation

Ana Kristo (16yrs) St Patricks College

Hello. My name is Ana Kristo. I am 16 years old and currently in year 12. First of all, I would just like to thank the KIA with all their help and contributions made towards the delegation and between Campbelltown, Australia. Without this and our strong sister city relations, this would not be running. During my visit here in Koshigaya, Japan, I have had some amazing and unforgettable experiences I will cherish forever. Some include the 3 traditional tea ceremonies, dressing up in traditional kimonos and the trip to Hakone. Also while being here I have met a lot of people which I hope to stay in contact with. Thank you!! Arigatou gozaimasu!!

Anita Webb (15yrs) Mt Carmel High School

My host family was amazing to stay with, they were very welcoming, I felt as though it was very easy to feel at home. It was easy to replicate what they consider their daily routine.

Despite the language barriers, and us both not being fantastic at the opposite language, it was easy to have conversations with them, even if sometimes we needed a little help from their phone translator.

Some of my most memorable experiences would have to be going to the schools. I found it fascinating some of the differences they have to our schools in Australia.

Another memorable moment would be the dharma doll making, it is very hard to paint it with very bad artistic skills – in the end I had an alright dharma doll.

My weekend with my host family was very good as well. I enjoyed very much meeting my host mums family and friends. They too were very welcoming, and we succeeded in broken conversations that felt normal. The language barrier wasn't really a problem.

The day leaders were helpful with translating information that we needed to know and despite it being a hard job to translate sometimes, they did an excellent job.

I appreciate very much the day leaders tour guiding us around showing what Japan has to offer. It was nice them being there while most of us delegates experience things for the first time.

Something that I have gained from this exchange program is the experience to witness Japanese culture right up and close, it was good because usually we are only able to witness it from a tourist's perspective

Janelle Loke (15yrs) Macquarie Fields High School

This program has taught me many things and I'm amazed by what I experienced here in Japan.

From this cultural experience in Japan, I have gained many memories that would stay with me for a lifetime. This program has brought me to step out of my comfort zone and experience a different culture and surroundings that has built my self confidence. I have learnt the various ways of Japanese tradition and their way of life. These numerous experiences have changed my mentality and have opened my eyes to several realizations. This Japanese cultural experience has bought me to grow stronger as a person and I'm happy to have shared this amazing experience with others.

My host family not only accepted me into their home but they went through a whole lot of trouble to make me a part of their family. They brought me to several places and each destination has something new to offer. They do so much for me in order to make my stay here in Koshigaya the most comfortable it can be. They have treated me well and have taught me Japanese home life.

My most memorable experience would definitely be visiting Koyo Junior High school. I interacted with the students better here because they were closer to our age. I thought their performance was the most beautiful group of voices I have ever heard. The tea ceremony was a really great experience and it was the first one we did. I was amazed that students were also conducting the ceremony and I thought it was very traditional which as good to see and experience.

The day leaders helped with the program immensely and without them we would lose trace of time or get lost. It was fun communicating with them and listening to them about Japanese culture and tradition. They helped largely with translating and I enjoyed spending time with them.

I would like to thank the Koshigaya International Association for making this trip happy and making it the most enjoyable it ca be. Thank you!

Jay Hyun Moon (20yrs) University of Sydney

Before I begin this short essay, I would like to thank the Koshigaya International Association, Koshigaya City Council, Campbelltown City Council and the people of both cities, for giving me the wonderful opportunity to take part in this unforgettable experience.

I would also like to thank all the host families for taking us into their home, welcoming us to be a part of their family and taking their personal time to show us the city of Koshigaya and allow us to experience the culture. The lifelong relationship developed through this journey will be cherished by all involved. Thank you. どうもありがとうございました。

I have gained and learnt an indescribable amount through the Student Youth Delegation Program. The program provided me with the opportunity to experience Japanese culture and develop lifelong relationships with the people of Koshigaya. The journey has, without a doubt, strengthened my bond with Koshigaya as a resident of Campbelltown and taught me the priceless value of the sister cities bond.

My host family demonstrated the actions of true selflessness, acceptance, tolerance, understanding and love. They taught me to be more embracing of others' imperfections and to always shine light on the positives of any situation. I will never forget my time with my second family and will continue to cherish the precious memory. I hope to keep in contact with the family as long as possible.

The cultural experiences of this delegation included; a tour around Hakone & Mt. Fuji which displayed breathtaking scenery and beauty, traditional tea ceremony and flower arrangement, a beautiful tradition that must be preserved, visits to schools, providing us with the opportunity to experience the real life of Japanese youth first hand, and countless other cultural experiences that will always hold a warm place in a corner of my heart.

The day leaders and other officials were fantastic. They not only completed their duties as day leaders, to guide us and enhance the experience, they gave us interest and genuine care.

Once again, I would like to thank everyone that made this delegation possible. I feel greatly honored to have been a part of such an amazing program.

Sarah Ghanem (16yrs) Mt Carmel High School

My name is Sarah, I am 16 years old and I am a member of the 29th Campbelltown-Koshigaya Youth Delegation.

The exchange program initially gave me a small insight to what Japanese culture is like, and then I came to Japan and I was amazed! Seeing the Japanese culture first hand, and engaging in the day to day life with a host family has been incredible. This experience has truly given me a new perspective on not only how I view Japanese culture, but also at how I view the Australian culture from an outside perspective.

My host family consisted of my mama, papa, brother(12) and sister(9), I would not have asked for a better host family, they were amazing! They took me to so many iconic places in Japan, which included a trip to try on a traditional kimono. Having a host family gave me a real outlook in to the Japanese culture and ways.

Each day we had 2 or 3 day leaders who took us around not only Koshigaya, but also to Tokyo and an overnight trip to Mt. Fuji.

And last but not least my most memorable experiences. Trying on the traditional kimono, and seeing Mt. Fuji on the overnight trip were most certainly some of my favorite, however, each day was memorable and I will treasure each and every moment I had in Japan.

Regan Smith (17yrs) Campbelltown Performing Arts High School

Through this experience, I have been able to experience Japanese life style, culture and traditions by a means I didn't know was possible and that was with a host family.

Apart from being so accepting and welcoming our new families were tutors that would guide me and show me correct Japanese life style and always wandering to see me at my happiest.

My host family still always be a major part of my life and I am very sad to leave them. It is because of them I have had one of the greatest experiences of my life.

Rachael Nieuwenhuis (16yrs) Broughton Anglican College

Hi, my name is Rachael. I came to Japan with the 29th Youth Delegation because I wanted to learn about the Japanese culture. Because of this, the Japanese Kimono wearing and tea ceremonies were a really good experience for me. The people here have been nice and helpful and have made the experience so much better than if I had gone on my own, and for that, I thank them.

Tahani Latu (15yrs) Eaglevale High School

Hello, my name is Tahani Latu and I am part of the 29th Youth Delegation to Japan. I stayed with the Tagawa family and they came to be my second family.

They accepted me into their home and treated me like one of their daughters. Being in Japan helped me to come to understand the differences in cultures and widened my perspective. My most memorable experience so far would have to be wearing the kimonos. This was fun because we put ourselves in a Japanese girls shoes and we got to see ourselves the way the Japanese would. I am grateful for the day leaders who help us have a better understanding of our surroundings and showed us to the many beautiful places of Japan. I am so happy to have gone on this journey.

Jacqueline Robertson (16yrs) Macarthur Anglican School

Hello, my name is Jacqueline Robertson. I am currently 16 years old and attend Macarther Angulican School.

I was honored to be a part of the 29th Youth Delegation to Koshigaya. Going to Japan was a very exciting experience for me as this trip is truly a once in a lifetime chance. "Ichi-go, ichi-e", as I have been told in Japanese!

At first, I was nervous because of how could Koshigaya would be in winter. But I am glad to have enjoyed building a snow bear and rabbit.

I have had countless wonderful experiences in Japan, but my favorites would be learning about Koshigaya's cultural heritage and visiting the local schools. The tea ceremony and Daruma dolls were so fascinating and different to anything in Campbelltown. I enjoyed the taste of Japanese green tea. At each of the schools I loved listening to all of their performances – I wish I could go back and hear their beautiful voices again! The student's knowledge of the English language was very impressive and I enjoyed being in their company.

Throughout my stay have my host family, the Nakagawa's, have been some of the kindest people I have ever met. They were always considerate of me and honestly made me feel welcome in their home. Exchanging our family history was lovely, and I will miss eating my host mother's cooking in Australia! I hope to stay in contact with them and I plan to return after I graduate school and again for Japan's 2020 Olympics.

The most heartfelt of thanks to my host family, the councils and members of the KIA and CKSSA who made this possible.


Leah St Clair (15yrs) Mt Carmel High School

My favorite experience so far in Japan would definitely have to be meeting all the new people. Everyone is just so warm and welcoming and very friendly so it's nice to be able to spend time with them.

I have loved getting to try all the new experiences such as the different food, language, etiquette and just general way of living.

A big thank you to Campbelltown Council and Koshigaya International Association, for assisting in making this happier..

The 27th Campbelltown Youth Delegation Report

The 27th Campbelltown Youth Delegation

Anmarie Grubb Wollongong University (20 yrs)

Favorite memory

Going karaoke with my host family. My sister Kie has a really good voice. My host family had a good time with me. I had a good time as well.

What I got out of this exchange

I have met many amazing and beautiful people in Japan including my host family.

I have learnt about the Japanese culture including tea ceremony and flower arrangement and temples and shrines. I learnt temple came from China while shrines have always been in Japan.

Host Family

My host family is full of the most amazing a beautiful people. I got along well with all of them and made many memories including karaoke, a temple walk, meeting more of their family and experiencing their everyday life. I will miss them a lot.

Stephanie Neaverson Broughton Anglican College (16 yrs)

The thing that help me the most in the experience is the tea ceremony. The step I walked into the room, I felt I understood more, making the tea made me feel welcomed to Japan.

The thing I like the most was the pre-school. I could see that there isn't a difference to Australia. But everything is amazing!

My host family is amazing! I will miss mummy(Yasuko) on Friday when we leave. Rae- Anne, mummy and I have many memories that wouldn't be forgotten.

Japan has been AMAZING!

Rae Anne Clemente Macquarie Fields High School (18 yrs)

Best activity

Everything has been fun and enjoyable. There isn't really a way to decide the best activity because the different activities look at me different corners of the Japanese culture.

I have really appreciated the kindness especially of the KIA staff. They are so caring and made sure the care safe and having fun.

I have no regret going on this exchange trip as it has opened a deeper appreciation for Japan.


Host family

My host mother is a wonderful person who is very kind and hospitable. I'm stirred by how much time, and effort she has given up to allow me to have an amazing experience of the Japanese culture. I appreciate her attempts to have a sustained English conversation, and also as she teaches me to improve my Japanese. I love how she organizes for myself to experience Japan accompanied by another student and their host family when she is not available. Living with a host family has been a gateway to cultural exchange, especially for daily Japanese customs and values. She has enlightened me about the kindness and respect that Japanese people have. I would have loved to meet my host father and brother but I understand they are working so that's okay.

Best cultural exchange (what did I gain from this experience)

I'm very happy because I got what I came to Japan for; and that is to learn about me Japanese culture and experiencing first hand how it is to live in Japan and be surrounded by many kind Japanese people. Every day has been amazing and I've learnt something new every day. However, I've got to say that experiencing the traditional Japanese culture like staying in a ryokan(りょかん), visiting sacred places and the tea ceremony and flower arranging(いけばな) have been wonderful I'm amazed at how beautifully preserved the culture has been. Talking and listening to Japanese language is a major gain from my exchange and has allowed me to gain more appreciation of the Japanese language and has contributed to my consideration of studying Japanese in University.

Kira-Leigh Moore Airds High School (16 yrs)

Staying in Japan has been one if not the best experience I have had so far. The people I have met and the experiences this trip has given me will definitely last a lifetime.

My favorite part of this trip was probably meeting my new family and gradually getting to know one another through the time of my stay.

My most favorite moment was when I went to the sports amusement park with my sister, brothers and mother. I had lots of fun and can only hope they did as well.

I have already decided on coming back and hopefully it will be sooner than anticipated.

Lesslyn Dickens Ingleburn High School (15 yrs)

Japanese Trip

Though I've only been in Japan for two weeks, I've learnt and experienced so much on this trip. The first time I met my host family, I was so nervous, after two minutes of meeting them, I was so happy I loved my host family very much. They were amazing especially (Jinko) mum.

Staying in Japan for these two weeks made me appreciate what I have and how to treat others. Japan is a beautiful places lots of things to eat and do.

I enjoyed the Junior high school and kindergarten visit the best. People in the school are so kind and polite.

I don't know where we would be without our two wonderful leaders Veronica Crotty and Mick Stevens. These two amazing leaders have helped and guided us all this way. Thanks to them they made our trip great.

Coming to Japan with a group of delegation members was amazing. I personally thought they represented our country well I love each and everyone of them. Even though I was the youngest everyone treated me the same.

This trip was a once in a life-time opportunity which I will never be able to do but I will never forget the people I met the places I've been and the friends I made.

The 27th Youth Delegation will be a name I will keep looked up in my memory bank forever. I loved this trip and I hope I can do it again.

Tara Stewart Frensham High School (15 yrs)

I have found the Japanese culture more easily understood since coming to the country. In Australia we can only receive glimpses of the culture through TV shows, anime and music. But experiencing it personally has enabled me to gain wider knowledge about it.

To pick out a particular favorite memory is hot possible for me as all the memories I have made here I will treasure forever.

Staying with a host family has a much warmer and friendlier feeling than staying at a hotel or boarding house as this way we can fully feel the real Japanese culture and lifestyle. We hear the real stories about life in Japan and will have new experiences from them.

I have found this time in Japan one of the most memorable and enjoyable experiences.

Micha Kairuz St Patricks College (17 yrs)

From the 27th Youth delegation trip to Japan, it has brought so many life memories and learning opportunities.

Culture wise Japan has showed me its beautiful landscapes, living, language and its amazing technology and breath taking society.

Because of this trip, I was able to see things I had never seen before like snow and an onsen. I was able to understand its religion and visit shrines and temples. I was able to experience its culture and history by wearing a kimono, arranging flowers, participating in a tea ceremony, going to an onsen and eating Japanese cuisine and speaking Japanese.

This trip has opened me up to a bigger world and has given me a second family. My host family was so so so kind and treated me as their own. Their kindness never stopped and they made me cry and laughter everyday. They taught me the language, its jokes, history, musicals, sites and music (current and cultural(taiko)).

There are too many favorite moments to name but a few would be our beautiful and interesting group karaoke sessions, shrine visits, the beautiful tea ceremony which my eyes and mouth loved and my feet didn't exactly love the seating position, the photos, all the time with my beautiful family and the lifelong friends I have made on this trip and have made with all the 27th youth delegation, who have now become a family.

Kimiko Kist St Patricks College (17 yrs)

My Japanese experience:

I had a wonderful time in Koshigaya. The places we visited on our itinerary were fantastic. Being able to experience Japan with a group of amazing people made it so much more fun. I know I how have many memories that I will never forget. Visiting Japan and Koshigaya was the best thing ever.

My cultural experience:

Japanese culture is absolutely beautiful and I particularly enjoyed being able to experience the Japanese tea ceremony. The Japanese green tea was really nice. Cultural visits to the shrines were also lots of fun. The shrines were so beautifully built. And being in Japan made me feel so peaceful.

My host family experience:

I absolutely loved staying with my host family. We had so much fun together. They are now like my second family and I know I will never forget them. So many memories were made. Having the opportunity to experience Japanese life with a Japanese family was what made the whole experience amazing. I really really enjoyed every minute of it.

Ben Latulipe Robert Townson High School (17 yrs)

My Japanese cultural experience:

Though my short time in Japan, I've had many amazing experiences. Seeing and experiencing a different culture has been truly unforgettable in my short time here. I've learnt a lot of things incomparison to what the life style is like in Australia.

The way people are, the culture, the respect shown through everything everyone does. Learning the language was one of the best things I've every learnt.

Through my trip I've learnt to be more patient. Patients is truly a virtue and having the honor to learn such an amazing quality in a beautiful country has been a life lesson which I'll treasure with me for the rest of my life.

Our cultural experience here have been a truly unforgettable. The memories and friends and my host family that I've made I will have with me forever.

2012(the 26th)Campbelltown Youth Delegation Report

Samuel Staples Broughton Anglican College

Samuel Staples

This delegation trip has truly been a unique experience. I hasn't quite sure what to think of Japan before coming over because there are so many things that Japan is famous for. Having said that, the thing that I will always remember is the infinite kindness and hospitality of the Japanese people.

My host mother, Yasuko made this trip utterly amazing. Everyone from the lady at the checkout to our tour guide as made us feel like we are at home.

The experiences on this trip such as Mt. Fuji, Nissan plant tour, visit to a junior high school and visiting a fire station have made for fantastic memories. It will be a very long time before this trip will be forgotten.

Samuel Staples

Finlay O'Brien John Therry High School

In Japan for the past two weeks, I have had an amazing time. We 've done an sorts of culturally significant and incredibly fun activities while we've been here, such as visiting Yokohama, Mt. Fuji, Eishin Junior High and being involved in Tea ceremonies and Flower arranging. The experience was an opportunity that allowed me to begin to understand and enjoy a very different culture to my own.

Finlay O'Brien

The hospitality, kindness and friendliness of all of our host families, KIA members, leaders and everyone we were involved with made us all feel so at home, and I feel so lucky to have had such a wonderful group of people surrounding us throughout this once in a life time experience.

Courtney Hodson Broughton Anglican High School

Courtney Hodson

This Japanese experience has been the highlight of my life. The food, the people, the hospitality, the activities, the scenery and the general culture of Japan and the Japanese people is so beautiful. I will never forget it.


Mitchell Jewitt Ingleburn High School

Mitchell Jewitt

My time in Japan was amazing, everything from the temples and shrines to the Fire Station visit. This experience will stick with me forever. I'm leaving with great knowledge and cultural understanding and a lot of amazing friends. I am extremely glad to have been a part of such an awesome program.

2012(25th) Campbelltown City Youth Delegation Reports

Jacob Marquardt Robert Townson High School

Jacob Marquardt

Japan has been such a wild trip. We have all received this wonderful opportunity to travel to Koshigaya. Our sister city and Japan itself have shown us a glimpse of the Japanese culture. We have visited the Hanata gardens, Tokyo tower, Ueno Zoo, the Noh theater and many more exciting places and destination. I have loved Japan, this delegation and this association.

Jennifer Hosey Ingleburn High School

Jennifer Hosey

This trip is so amazing. There have been so many different things we have done and tried. So many different experience have kept me on my toes and constantly had me in awe of the Japanese culture and how different it is to our own. I have personally grown as a person and I'm sure we all have. I'm definitely coming back to Japan.

Patrick Vongmany Robert Townson High School

Patrick Vongmany

This trip to Japan has been a really good experience. We have seen and done so many great things. I have had the opportunity to stay with some of the nicest people I have ever met. I will never forget this trip.

Aaron Morellini

This trip has been absolutely amazing! So much fun! During my time here in Japan I have gotten everything I hoped for and more.

The activities we participated in were fascinating; it allowed us to have a real taste of Japanese history(castles and shrines), culture(tea ceremony) and lifestyles(high school).

The second I arrived here, I felt welcome by the staff of KIA and by the host families. This greatly helped ease homesickness.

My impressions? This trip has been perfect! From a delegate's point of view, nothing could have been better! This trip has even made me want to move to Japan one day.

I would like to thank Koshigaya City for establishing such an incredible sister-city relationship with Campbelltown, because it has shown me the beauty of a completely different society.

Julie Broekhuyse

Julie Broekhuyse

So far, I have been having so much fun and I can honestsly say this is one of the best times in my life. My host family are extremely nice, kind, comforting and I am having such a great time. They have been giving me traditional Japanese food, which I absolutely love. They have taken me to so many places, I am lucky and I am really grateful.

Hakone and sightseeing Mt Fuji was just indescribably beautiful!!! The school was awesome. We felt like we were famous and they treated us as if we were royalty, it was heaps of fun. I really enjoyed it.

I love Japanese culture and tradition! We are so lucky to be here and the weather has been great which is good. Disneyland was the best! Actually, everywhere has been good. I have no complaints, everything is perfect!

Thank you so much for this opportunity. I love Japan!!!

Rebecca Blackburn

Rebecca Blackburn

I found Koshigaya to be a nice place. The people were friendly, kind, and always willing to help. Our daily outings were always fun and interesting. My personal favorites were the visits to Disneyland and Ohsagami Junior High School. I enjoyed visiting the school a lot because it allowed me to experience how students of similar ages in different countries manage at school.

I also really enjoyed visiting Hakone and Nikko. Both of these places had snow, which made them fun, but also the Japanese history and culture at both places were amazing. Odawara Castle was particularly interesting as it contained so much information about Japanese culture and heritage.

My host family are kind and understanding just like all the other people I have met here in Koshigaya. It has been a wonderful experience and has left me many pleasant memories.

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