KIA(Koshigaya International Association)

AssociationKoshigaya International Association

Koshigaya International Association (KIA) established at Koshigaya Saitama Japan in 2001, does a lot of volunteer activities for promoting international friendship.

About Us

Koshigaya International Association (KIA) has active exchanges with its sister city Campbelltown (Australia) and other foreign cities, and the foreign people living and/or working in Koshigaya City to promote mutual understanding, deepen friendship and to contribute to the development of its citizen's lives.


KIA comprises five committees: the General Affairs Committee, the International Exchange Program Committee , the Local Exchange Program Committee,Multi-Cultural Festa Program Committee and Youth Exchange Program Committee. Operating on a volunteer basis, these committees hold various programs encouraging foreign people living and/or working in Koshigaya City to join the local festivals and actively participate in the city's activities.

Please Join Us!

Membership is open to anyone living and/or working in Koshigaya City. You may apply by coming directly to the KIA office, by e-mail, or by sending an application to our office by mail.

Annual Fee

  • Corporate Membership 10,000 yen a year
  • Group Membership 5,000 yen a year
  • Individual Membership 3,000 yen a year
  • Student Membership 1,000 yen a year

Membership Benefits

  1. Participate in the Association's International Exchange Programs.
  2. Access to the Association's activities through its newsletter and home-page.
  3. Enjoy special membership rates for some restaurants and schools.

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